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Witch or Which


new haloween 11 copyLess than two weeks to Halloween. I’m trying to rehearse what to say to the 16 year olds not in costumes. In Grade school, out Librarian used to dress up like a witch, and scare the crap out of the kids. She had these creepy eyeglasses and would roam the halls. Something like that would never happen today, and it’s sad.



pumpkin cartoonPumpkins drinking seem to be a theme for me this year. Not sure why. Not sure if ghosts would let a pumpkin into their frat either. Maybe he’s just a pledge.

Ghosts can never hold their liquor!


Ghost cartoonIt’s really starting to feel like Halloween here in North Carolina! All the Christmas decorations are out at Target and Wallmart! I’ve already bought my Halloween candy to hand out twice…I keep eating it. Well, here’s another doodle. Happy Halloween!!!

Headless Horseman


Aside from the great pumpkin episode of Charlie Brown, the Headless Horseman cartoons meant Halloween to me as a kid. Then Tim Burton had to make the story all wonky…

horse copy

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