Easter Emergency Room Cartoon


e.r copyI don’t know how those Marshmallow peep things continue to sell. It’s like everyone knows what they are, and they are iconic, but who actually eats them? They’re all half eaten in my world. Here’s another Easter cartoon about an Easter Emergency Room. Never one Jelly Bean in an E.R. cartoon. They’re not funny…too good to joke about. Well, next to Cadbury Mini Eggs. The best candy known to man, well, at least says me, Stan Makowski.

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Stan MakowskiStan Makowski has been working in the product development field for over 20 years. A prolific humorist and cartoonist, stans art and writing have appeared on hundreds of greeting cards and other paper products in the gift/stationary industry. Stans unique sense of humor and ability to poke fun at most anything has been the Hallmark of his career. Stans work has been recognized by the Natiocal cartoonist society, Greeting card association, and the Society of Illustrators.View all posts by Stan Makowski

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