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Face Hugger Cartoon


ggg copyWho doesn’t need a hug? Well, just not on the face, ok? Here’s another Easter cartoon by cartoonist Stan Makowski.

Easter Egg Beater Cartoon


egg beaters copyEver eat an egg beater omelette?  So good! Especially with bacon and sausage in ’em so you can’t taste that vile manufactured protein taste! I heard at fat camp they make the kids color the boxes, so I made a cartoon about it! Easter is always a fun Holiday to poke fun at, so long as I get a damn basket and some candy, and maybe a present…like when I was a spoiled kid. A spoiled fat kid, not eating egg beaters! Hope you enjoy my Easter Cartoon, that may or may not be autobiographical.

Easter Emergency Room Cartoon


e.r copyI don’t know how those Marshmallow peep things continue to sell. It’s like everyone knows what they are, and they are iconic, but who actually eats them? They’re all half eaten in my world. Here’s another Easter cartoon about an Easter Emergency Room. Never one Jelly Bean in an E.R. cartoon. They’re not funny…too good to joke about. Well, next to Cadbury Mini Eggs. The best candy known to man, well, at least says me, Stan Makowski.

Easter Cartoon


for blog zombunny copyThe Walking Dead, on of the best shows on TV I never thought I’d like…Well up to this season, which, in my opinion isn’t up to snuff…Have to let folks catch up on DVD’s and Netflix, and get as much merchandise to the masses…But I can honestly say that now, I am a fan of Zombie stuff. Never thought I’d say that. It’s a fun show, well written and the sense of despair is so well communicated. Hopefully it picks back up in the future. So, here’s a recent easter cartoon, all Walking Egg style.

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