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St. Patrick’s Day


jfk copyTurn’s out the Pot of Gold isn’t all that spectacular. I never really understood St. Patrick’s Day as a kid. It just meant Green cup cakes, til lI was around 20…Then it meant green beer and another reason to get Drunk and Go out. I think some people think St. Patrick’s Day is everyday…Do they make Green beer for 40 year olds? Maybe I need to Make a St. Patrick’s Day Cartoon about that…

Happy Thanksgiving you turkey


Don’t get trampled.

flatten turkey copy

Witch or Which


new haloween 11 copyLess than two weeks to Halloween. I’m trying to rehearse what to say to the 16 year olds not in costumes. In Grade school, out Librarian used to dress up like a witch, and scare the crap out of the kids. She had these creepy eyeglasses and would roam the halls. Something like that would never happen today, and it’s sad.

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