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Happy Easter!


2 copyMan, If Spring ever shows it, we might just have a nice Easter after all. Right about now, I’m feeling like this Easter bunny. It’s been a miserable winter, at least theres decent Eater candy out now. Please enjoy my morbid Easter cartoon.

Buffalo Bunny


1533725_10152393212660769_1297011595_nSilence of the Bunnies…..In a follow-up to an earlier cartoon, cartoonist Stan Makowski makes Easter that much creepier. Who knows what the Easter Bunny is into in his spare time. Guy seems like a jerk, makes crap and the hides it, like some sort of killer. Here cartoonist Stan Makowski has drawn Buffalo Bunny renacting that famous scene in Silence of the Lambs.

Easter Bunny House


house copyOne of the worst things about owning a house is painting it. It’s ridiculously hard to do by yourself, and if you don’t, it costs a fortune to hire someone to do it. Why doesn’t the Easter Bunny do this in the off season? Seems legit. He likes to paint stuff…Just so long as it adheres to the homeowner association. In this cartoon, Stan Makowski pokes fun of the easter Bunny and Homeowner associations! Two things he’s never really seen, but has heard of!

Easter Lice Eggs


liceNothing says Easter like getting the school nurse to sort through your hair to look for eggs. Then your folks get to wash everything in the house…twice!!! This Easter Cartoon by Stan Makowski brings back bad memories of childhood, his childhood….but if the world gives you Lice, color the eggs!