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Stan Makowski has been creating award winning Cartoons, Greeting Cards and Humorous Illustrations for close to 20 years. His work is available for Licensing, Outright purchase, or on a Freelance basis.


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Easter Lice Eggs


liceNothing says Easter like getting the school nurse to sort through your hair to look for eggs. Then your folks get to wash everything in the house…twice!!! This Easter Cartoon by Stan Makowski brings back bad memories of childhood, his childhood….but if the world gives you Lice, color the eggs!

Easter Doodle


cotton snail copyEaster isn’t too far off, and everyone knows Peter Cottontail, but what about his lesser known cousin…Peter Cotton Snail. Cartoonist Stan Makowski pokes fun of Easter in this little doodle.

Easter Eggs


eggs in basket copyI used to love getting an Easter Basket, eating all the candy and chocolate bunny (usually for breakfast) Then when you thought you were all out of loot, you could peel back the fake plastic grass and find a few left over jelly beans or peanut butter cups…or whatever. This poor soul is stuck in some sort of Silence of the Lambs/ Evil Bunny scenario. So many questions…Where do the eggs come from…Why would Stan Makowski think of this Cartoon? Is it even Funny?

Face Hugger Cartoon


ggg copyWho doesn’t need a hug? Well, just not on the face, ok? Here’s another Easter cartoon by cartoonist Stan Makowski.

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